In the early months of 2008, we were planning on moving to another town and I knew my current internet provider wasn't available there.  I decided to purchase a domain with a hosting company so that in case we had to move again, I wouldn't have to change my email address once again.  So many choices and I wasn't sure what the future would hold. 

All of a sudden one morning, Stand and Defend popped in my head.  Why?  I don't know.  I have been in a position of stepping up and protecting others almost my entire life in different positions throughout my various careers.  I get tired of seeing people stepped on and beat down when they don't have the internal strength to stand up for themselves. 

Ever since then, I've had multiple comments on the domain but really never had a meaning behind it that I put to the test.  A couple of years ago, I was offered $1,500 for the purchase of the domain but thought I would hold out for more money.  The mysterious individual never came back to offer more.  I wasn't upset, just curious why they didn't want it.

As every day passes, I feel a power inside of me that is telling me that the time is now to Stand and Defend.  Then I ask all of my common questions.  Who, what, when, where and how?  Don't forget the infamous, why?  As I see the direction our country is taking, it is becoming frustrating and depressing at times.  When will our fellow citizens wake up and realize the direction we are heading.  Do they even care or understand? 

I have had to be careful on what I post online or even mention to certain co-workers due to the political nature of my position.  It can come back to bite me as it has already done many times.  I was worried in the past, but those days are gone.  I am no longer concerned about any possible attacks and understand that now is the time to stand. 

What does that mean for me?  I really don't know yet.  I felt it was time to talk about it and express it on this page.  This page has been blank since 2008 except for the header.  I've grown over the years and gained the courage to speak up no matter the cost.  Now is the time to Stand and Defend.